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“Our pupils are little people, but they have a great sense of justice. If we get the right information to them now it will mean they will take that with them in the future and make the world a better place.”

Paul Bish, Headmaster, Milverton Community Primary School

TLCP has worked with several schools to install renewable energy systems.
We anticipate many more schools projects to get the green light with Phase 2 funding. Our schools customers benefit from the new, exclusive FREE Our Planet resources.

Milverton Primary School
PV System

3.2kWp solar PV system
15x Kyocera module array + data logger 50% Phase 2 funding


Witham St Hughes Primary School
Solar Thermal System

12m Vacuum Solar Array
1000 litre storage
30% funding under LCBP


Amersham and Wycombe College
PV System

2.59kWp solar PV system
16 Sharp modules type ND 162 E1
50% funding under LCBP


If you're not sure you qualify for grant assistance or you represent a university, refer to the Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 website for information on eligibility for 'State Aid' funding.

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