The Low Carbon Partnership

Progress Housing Association
PV System

24.6kWp solar PV system
22 properties involved
Redland PV800 modules


Kerrier District Council Offices
PV System

10.14kWp solar PV system
78 Kyocera KC130 modules
50% funding under LCBP


Selbourne Square and Lindley Road
Solar Thermal System

15x 2m of Vacuum Solar Collectors
15 properties
30% funding under LCBP


Lewisham Hospital
PV System

72x Kyocera KC190
3x Fronius Inverters
Flat roof mounting system


Bronllys Hospital
PV System

485 Kyocera KC125-2 modules
8 Fronius IG60, 4 Fronius IG15, 2 Fronius IG30, 1 Fronius IG40


Centre for Alternative Technology
PV Glazing system

PV module type – custom made Romag glass-glass laminates
Fronius IG30 inverter


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