The Low Carbon Partnership

Grant funds for renewable energy increase!

Kyocera Panel


Increased funding for Phase 2 of The Low Carbon Buildings Programme was announced by Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks recently.  From 1st April 2008, funding for all technologies under the scheme will increase to 50% of the eligible cost!

Katy Tuxworth from Dulas commented "This will give evenmore opportunities for the public sector to continue with their much needed greening up campaigns, acting as flagships for the general public and encouraging a move to cleaner technologies."

The funding, distributed through framework suppliers like Dulas, applies to all public buildings and charitable bodies in the UK, with the programme running until March 2009.

For more information on how you can get funding for solar photovoltaic, solar thermal or small-scale wind installations, please contact The Low Carbon Partnership (TLCP), one of the approved framework suppliers, on 0845 070 7700 or email

Information on phase II of the LCBP is available from the website at, or from the helpline on 08704 232313.

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