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Hurry – grant funding running out…

Solar Installation

Take up of the grant funding for photovoltaics (PV) has been overwhelming with nearly £12.5million (of the original £17.5m allocated to this technology) having been allocated already. The uptake of Solar PV has exceeded that of the other technologies, with 72% having been allocated. Only 4% of the total grant funding available for small-scale wind and biomass respectively have been allocated and just 15% of the totals for solar thermal and ground source heat pumps have been committed.

The programme has so far seen a grand total of £12,495,464.25 allocated to over 760 projects nationwide.  Eligible projects include all public and charitable bodies in the UK.

The funding is available for a limited period only, and is due to end in March 2009. The programme has already been extended as it was originally due to end in March 2008.

If you are interested in getting 50% funding for a local renewable energy installation, don’t wait to get in touch. Quotes are free and simple to obtain. Once accepted by the programme, you have a year to install the technologies. However, once the funding pot is empty there is no guarantee as to when such funding will be available again.

*Figures as of 2nd July 2008, LCBP

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